Is Apple Tv the Same As Peacock Tv?

No, Apple TV and Peacock TV are not the same. Apple TV is an online streaming service from Apple Inc., that allows users to watch or purchase movies and television shows. It can be used on iPhones, iPads, Macs and other devices running iOS or macOS software.

On the other hand, Peacock is a streaming service developed by NBCUniversal which features its own library of films and original programming available for live streams as well as on-demand viewing. The service also includes access to NBC Universal’s cable channels such as USA Network, Syfy, Bravo, Telemundo and more. Both services offer different content so they cannot be considered the same thing; however both provide excellent entertainment options!

No, Apple TV and Peacock TV are not the same. Apple TV is a digital media player developed by Apple that allows users to stream video content from the iTunes Store, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and other services directly on their TVs. On the other hand, Peacock TV is an over-the-top streaming service owned by NBCUniversal that provides customers with access to thousands of movies and television shows across various genres as well as live sports programming and news coverage.

Are Apple Tv And Peacock the Same?

No, Apple TV and Peacock are not the same. Apple TV is a set-top box created by Apple Inc. that allows you to stream content from various sources such as Netflix, Hulu and iTunes. On the other hand, Peacock is NBC Universal’s streaming service which offers access to movies, shows and live sports events from networks like NBC, USA Network and Syfy.

The main difference between them is that while Apple TV provides access to different apps for streaming video content, Peacock focuses mainly on its own library of content with a few select titles available for rental or purchase outside of their platform. Additionally, while some older versions of Apple TVs can be used to watch YouTube videos or rent/buy movies from iTunes Store, they cannot access online channels such as HBO Go/Now or Showtime Anytime without accessing an additional app first – something which doesn’t apply when using the latest version of the device. Ultimately both services offer great value but depending on your needs one might be more suitable than the other.

Is Peacock Tv Free With Apple Tv?

No, Peacock TV is not free with Apple TV. Peacock TV requires a subscription to access its content and it is not included in the basic Apple TV package. To watch Peacock on your Apple device, you’ll need to download the app from the App Store and pay for a monthly or annual plan.

The cheapest option available starts at $4.99 per month and gives you access to all of Peacock’s movies, shows, live sports and more. With this plan, however, some content will be ad-supported so there may be commercials during your viewing sessions.

Are Apple Tv And Peacock Connected?

Apple TV and Peacock are two streaming services that can provide users with access to a variety of content. But, are Apple TV and Peacock connected? The answer is no; they are not directly linked.

While both offer their own unique features and benefits, they do not share any direct connection or integration between the two platforms. However, there may be some indirect connections between the two services: for instance, certain programs may be available on both Apple TV and Peacock in different forms (e.g., an exclusive film could air first on one platform before being released later on the other). Additionally, while you cannot use your existing Apple TV account credentials to log into Peacock’s website or app—or vice versa—you can still watch movies from either service through various devices such as smart TVs (which might support apps from both providers).

Ultimately, though it’s possible to access content from either platform without having to switch back-and-forth between them too often, Apple TV and Peacock remain separate entities at this time.

Which is Better Apple Tv Or Peacock?

When it comes to choosing the best streaming service for entertainment, Apple TV and Peacock are two popular options. Both offer an array of content and features that make them attractive choices for different types of viewers. For example, Apple TV offers access to its extensive library of movies, shows, and music; while Peacock boasts live sports broadcasts from NBC Sports as well as a vast selection of on-demand programming from its expansive library.

Furthermore, both services have their own unique benefits such as AirPlay integration with iOS devices (Apple) or free plans with limited commercials (Peacock). Ultimately, which one is better depends entirely upon your requirements and preferences. Those who prefer a wide range of content will likely find more value in Apple’s selection; however those who prioritize cost savings may be more inclined towards the free plan offered by Peacock.

Ultimately both services provide excellent options for streaming entertainment so it ultimately boils down to personal preference when deciding which is better – Apple TV or Peacock?

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Is Peacock Free on Apple Tv

If you own an Apple TV, you can now watch Peacock for free. The streaming service from NBCUniversal is available as a no-cost channel on the device’s App Store, and it includes over 20,000 hours of shows and movies. With Peacock, viewers can catch up on original series like Brave New World and Psych 2: Lassie Come Home as well as classic favorites like Parks & Recreation and Friday Night Lights.

Additionally, the platform offers live news programming such as NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt and MSNBC Live with Stephanie Ruhle.


In conclusion, Apple TV and Peacock TV are two different streaming services that offer similar features. While they both have a variety of original content, Apple TV has more exclusive shows and movies while Peacock offers more sports programming. Ultimately, the choice between these two services is up to personal preference based on what type of content you prefer to watch.