Where are Voice Recordings Stored on Android?

Voice recordings stored on Android devices are typically saved in the device’s internal storage. Depending on the manufacturer, they may be found in a folder named “Sounds” or “Recordings”. Sometimes these folders can be found within an app like Voice Recorder or Sound Recorder.

It is also possible that audio files are stored within media management software such as Google Play Music, Samsung Music Player, and Poweramp. If voice recordings were sent via messaging apps such as WhatsApp, they will likely be stored in a folder with that specific app’s name located within the device’s file manager.

Voice recordings on Android are typically stored in the device’s internal storage. Depending on your device, this could be located within a folder specifically labeled for audio files or it may be part of the main “Music” directory. Voice recordings can also be transferred to an external SD card if your device has one and you have chosen that as a default location for storing files.

To access voice recordings, open up the music player app on your Android phone and navigate to either the internal storage or SD card section depending on which is being used to store them.

Where Do I Find My Voice Recordings on Android?

Android devices provide an easy way to record and store your voice recordings. To access them, simply open the ‘Voice Recorder’ app on your device. You can find it in either the Google Play Store or pre-installed among other apps on your phone.

Once you have opened the Voice Recorder app, select ‘Recordings’ from the top menu bar and all of your saved recordings should be listed there for you to review or play back. Depending on which Android model you are using, some may automatically save recordings after they are finished while others will require a manual save step in order to keep them stored within the app’s memory. If this is not done then recorded files will be deleted after a certain period of time so remember to always manually save any important audio files that need to be kept safe!

Where are the Voice Recorder Files Stored?

Voice recorder files are usually stored on the device which is used to record them. For example, if you use a smartphone to record audio, then it will be saved as an audio file in either the phone’s internal storage or on an external memory card. On iPhones, voice recordings can be found in the “Files” app under the “On My iPhone/iPad” section.

Android devices typically store voice recordings in their own folder within internal storage or on a microSD card (if one is installed). If you recorded your audio using software like Audacity, then your file will likely be saved somewhere inside of that program’s directory. Additionally, many voice recording apps offer cloud-based services and allow users to upload and store their recordings online for easy access from any device with internet access.

Ultimately, where your voice recorder files are stored depends entirely on how they were recorded and what type of service was used to save them.

How to Save the Audio recorded by Google Recorder app in Internal Storage of Android Smartphone ?

Where are Voice Recordings Stored on Samsung

Voice recordings on Samsung devices are typically stored in the device’s ‘My Files’ folder. This can be accessed through either the drop-down menu or by using a file manager app. The specific location of these files will depend on which model of Samsung you are using, but they should all be found within this general area.


In conclusion, it is important to understand where voice recordings are stored on your Android device. With the help of this article, you now know that all audio recordings made with an Android device will be saved in the “Voice Recorder” app or folder by default. You also learned that there are other third-party apps available for recording and storing voice messages if needed.

Understanding how to use these tools can make it easier for you to store and manage audio files on your Android device.