Where to Find Saved Jobs in Linkedin

To find saved jobs on linkedin, click the “jobs” tab on the main menu and select “saved jobs. ” from there, you can view and access your saved job postings.

Linkedin is a professional networking platform that allows job seekers to connect with potential employers and search for jobs. As you browse through job postings on linkedin, you may come across job listings that catch your eye but may not have the time to apply to them right away.

In this case, linkedin offers a feature that allows you to save job postings to your account for later viewing. This feature is called “saved jobs,” and it helps you keep track of job listings that you are interested in. In this article, we will discuss how to find saved jobs on linkedin and how to use this feature to help you in your job search.

Overview Of Saved Jobs In Linkedin

Saved jobs in linkedin are job postings that you bookmarked and saved for later. This feature is sometimes overlooked but saving a job can benefit you in the long run. Saving a job can help you keep track of the positions you’re interested in and help you apply when the time’s right.

Saving a job also allows linkedin to tailor other job recommendations based on your interests. You can save any job posting that interests you by clicking on the “save” button located on the job description page. To view and manage your saved jobs, hover over the “jobs” tab, which is located in the top-left corner, and click on “saved jobs.

” make the most of this feature and start saving jobs today!

Accessing Saved Jobs On Linkedin

Accessing saved jobs on linkedin is a great way to keep track of your job search. To find your saved jobs, simply log into your linkedin account and click the “jobs” tab. From there, click on “saved jobs” on the left-hand side of the screen.

You’ll be able to see all the jobs you’ve saved and the date you saved them. If you want to review and edit your saved jobs, simply click on the job you want to change or manage. You can remove the job, apply to it or share it.

If you want to cancel a saved job, click the “x” on the right-hand side of the job. It’s that simple! Remember to keep your saved jobs up-to-date and stay on top of your job search.

Using Linkedin Job Alerts

If you’re looking for saved job listings in linkedin, try using job alerts. Setting up job alerts is easy – simply define your search criteria, then linkedin will send an email alert when new jobs matching your criteria are posted.

You can also customize alerts to only include jobs from certain locations, industries, or experience levels. The benefits of using job alerts include staying up to date on job openings in your industry, receiving notifications for jobs you may have missed, and being able to easily keep track of relevant job postings.

With linkedin’s job alert feature, searching for a new job has never been easier.

Linkedin Groups And Saved Jobs

Linkedin is a powerful job search tool that offers a range of features, including job postings and saved jobs. One way to access saved jobs on linkedin is through joining relevant linkedin groups. These groups are communities of professionals who share similar interests and job preferences.

By joining these groups, job seekers can engage with like-minded professionals, gain valuable insights on the job market, and find job postings that align with their career goals. Once in these groups, users can easily access relevant job openings through the saved jobs section of the group page.

This feature allows job seekers to stay organized, keep track of relevant job openings, and apply for jobs with ease. To start, search for relevant groups based on industry, location or job function, and start networking with other professionals.

Linkedin Open Candidates

Linkedin can be a valuable resource for job seekers. One way to keep track of potential job opportunities is by using the “saved jobs” feature. But did you know that linkedin also offers something called “open candidates”? This feature lets recruiters know that you are open to new job opportunities, even if you are currently employed.

Turning on open candidates is easy – just go to your linkedin profile settings and turn on the feature. You can also manage your job preferences through open candidates, indicating what types of jobs you are interested in and what location you prefer.

By using open candidates, you can increase your visibility to recruiters and potentially find your dream job.

Frequently Asked Questions For Where To Find Saved Jobs In Linkedin

How Do I Find Saved Jobs On Linkedin?

To find saved jobs on linkedin, navigate to the jobs tab and select “saved jobs” from the dropdown menu. Here, you can view and apply to all the jobs you have saved.

Where Can I Access My Saved Jobs On Linkedin Mobile?

To access your saved jobs on linkedin mobile, tap on your profile picture in the top left corner, click on “job search,” then “saved jobs. ” here, you can view and apply to all the jobs you have saved.

How Long Are Jobs Saved For On Linkedin?

Once you save a job on linkedin, it will remain saved until you either apply for the job or unsave it yourself. There is no specific time limit for how long a job can remain saved on your account.

Can I Receive Alerts For Saved Jobs On Linkedin?

Yes, you can set up alerts for saved jobs on linkedin. When viewing a particular saved job, click “alert me” to receive notifications for new job openings that match your saved job criteria.

How Many Saved Jobs Can I Have On Linkedin?

You can save up to 1000 jobs on linkedin. If you reach your limit, you will need to unsave jobs in order to save new job postings.


As a linkedin user, keeping track of your job applications and saved jobs is vital. This platform provides a seamless way to search and save relevant jobs, making it easy to revisit them later on. In this post, we have explored where to find your saved jobs on linkedin, from the jobs page to the saved jobs tab in your profile.

We have also highlighted the importance of organizing your saved jobs through tags and notes. With these tools, you can easily filter and keep track of your job applications, making the job hunt less overwhelming and more manageable. Remember, linkedin is not just a networking platform; it’s also an excellent job search tool.

Use it wisely and consistently to increase your chances of finding your dream job. Happy job hunting!