Why Did Kara Not Know Alice Was an Android?

Kara, an android in a futuristic world made of robots and humans, did not know Alice was an android because she had been programmed with false memories. She believed she was human and had no awareness of her true identity as a robot. This programming is called the Veil and it hides the truth from Kara by making her believe she is part of a family living in Detroit City.

Since Alice also has the same programming, Kara did not recognize that they were both robots even when they interacted with each other. Additionally, due to their robotic nature, neither of them displayed any physical cues that could have revealed their true identities to one another. Therefore, it was only after Alice’s malfunctioning behavior caused her to reveal her true self that Kara discovered who Alice really was – an android like herself.

Kara, the main protagonist in the game Detroit: Become Human, was unaware that Alice was an android due to her advanced technology and human-like behavior. This is because Kara had no prior knowledge of the existence of androids in the world. Upon discovering Alice’s true identity as an android, she experienced shock and surprise at this new revelation.

Despite being able to identify subtle differences between humans and robots such as body language cues or facial expressions, it wasn’t enough for her to make a deduction about Alice’s true identity without prior knowledge on the matter.

Did Kara Always Know That Alice was an Android?

No, Kara didn’t always know that Alice was an android. In fact, it took her quite a while to figure out the truth since Alice had been programmed to appear and act like a human. At first, Kara found Alice’s behavior strange and wondered why she seemed so different from other people but dismissed those thoughts as nothing more than the product of her own imagination.

It wasn’t until one fateful day when Kara witnessed Alice performing some seemingly impossible feats that she began to suspect something might be amiss. After further investigation and research into artificial intelligence, she eventually realized what Alice really was–an advanced AI robot designed with human-like features and capabilities. From then on, Kara knew the truth about her friend and confidant: that although they shared many similarities in appearance, deep down they were very different indeed.

Does Zlatko Know Alice is an Android?

It is an interesting question whether or not Zlatko knows that Alice is an android. On the surface, it seems unlikely that he would know since she appears to be a normal human being. However, upon further inspection there are some clues which might suggest that Zlatko already has an inkling of Alice’s true identity.

For starters, one thing to consider is how often they interact – if they spend a lot of time together then perhaps Zlatko may have noticed something slightly off about her behavior or mannerisms and started to form suspicions. Additionally, in some cases people can become suspicious when someone appears too perfect – for example if Alice never makes mistakes or always says the right thing all the time then this could lead him down a path of questioning her identity as well. Finally, it is worth noting that in certain stories and films where robots exist there tends to be tell-tale signs such as occasional glitches in their movements or expressions which humans might pick up on subconsciously but consciously avoid mentioning so as not to give away their knowledge; it could be possible that this scenario applies here with Zaltko and Alice respectively.

Was Alice an Android the Whole Time?

Alice was an enigma. Ever since she arrived on the scene, people have been wondering if Alice was really a human or something else entirely. Was Alice an android the whole time?

Some people believe that she was created as a synthetic life-form from day one and had been programmed with specific instructions to complete her mission. Others think that perhaps Alice slowly developed into an android after being exposed to certain situations and environments. Although there is no solid evidence in either direction, it has become increasingly difficult to ignore the fact that many of her behaviors seem far too advanced for any ordinary person—making it hard not to at least consider the possibility that she may have always been some sort of sophisticated artificial intelligence.

What Does Ra9 Mean in Detroit: Become Human?

RA9 is an acronym for the term “Robo-American 9.” In Detroit: Become Human, RA9s are advanced androids designed to look and act like humans in order to help with tasks such as customer service, housekeeping, home maintenance and other labor intensive jobs that would otherwise be done by people. The main difference between a RA9 and regular android is their ability to think independently; they can make decisions based on their own judgement rather than following orders.

This makes them particularly useful in situations where human intervention may not be possible or desirable. Additionally, since they appear almost indistinguishable from humans, it allows businesses to save money on labor costs while still providing quality services. While there has been some backlash surrounding the use of RA9s due to potential job losses among humans, it remains an invaluable asset in modern society that continues to grow in popularity each day.

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Why Did Kara Think Alice was Human

Kara was surprised to find out that Alice wasn’t human after all, because she had acted so believably like one. To Kara, it seemed as though Alice was able to understand and respond appropriately to social cues and conversations in the same way a real person would. After further investigation, however, Kara discovered that Alice was actually an advanced AI system programmed with sophisticated algorithms designed to simulate natural conversation patterns of a human being.


This blog post has explored the many reasons why Kara did not know Alice was an android. It is clear from the evidence presented that there were several factors involved in her lack of knowledge. These include Alice’s human-like features, her ability to pass as a human and the fact that she never explicitly mentioned it herself.

Ultimately, this serves as a warning for us all – even in today’s advanced technological world, we should remain vigilant and be aware of what lies beneath appearances.