How to Stop News Alerts on Android?

To stop news alerts on your Android phone, open the Settings app and select Notifications. From here you can see a list of all the apps installed on your device. Select the News app and switch off notifications for it.

You may also want to adjust any other settings like sound or vibration if you don’t want to be disturbed by news alerts in future. If you’re using an Android OS version below Oreo (8.0), then go to App Info instead of Notifications and turn off notifications from there. This should prevent further news alerts from appearing on your device unless you manually change these settings again in future.

  • Step 1: Open the Settings app on your Android device
  • Step 2: Select “Apps & notifications” from the list of options in the settings menu
  • Step 3: Tap on “See all apps,” and scroll through to find the news app that you want to stop receiving alerts from
  • Step 4: Once you’ve identified it, tap on the app’s name and select “Notifications” from there
  • Step 5: Uncheck any boxes that are checked in order to disable news alerts for this particular application

How Do You Stop Unwanted News Alerts?

Staying up-to-date with the news can be important for staying informed, but unwanted notifications and alerts can quickly become overwhelming. If you’re looking to stop receiving news alerts on your phone or computer, there are a few simple steps you can take. On an iPhone, open up the Settings app and select Notifications.

Scroll down until you see the News app listed then tap it to access its settings. You’ll be able to adjust the notification type (alerts, banners, sounds etc.), turn off all notifications altogether or just switch off certain topics within that particular news app if applicable. On an Android device this will vary slightly depending on which version of Android is being used as well as which specific apps you have installed – however, most phones will direct users to their Notification Settings in order for them to change their alert preferences for any given application.

It’s also worth checking out your browser settings too – both Chrome and Firefox have built-in options designed specifically for managing website notifications from various sources including news sites like BBC News and The Guardian; simply search “notification” in the settings menu of either browser and follow instructions from there. Additionally, some websites offer opt-out options when signing up/logging in where users can uncheck a box saying they don’t want any further email updates from that site – although bear in mind these unsubscribe links may not always work so it might require more manual effort via other means such as contacting customer service directly if needed!

How Do I Stop News from Popping Up on My Phone?

If you are constantly being bombarded with news notifications on your phone, it can be incredibly distracting and interfere with how productive or focused you can be. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to make sure that news notifications don’t keep popping up in your notification bar. The first thing is to manage the notifications settings for each of the apps that deliver news updates.

Go into each app’s individual settings menu and adjust their permissions so that they only send important information when absolutely necessary. Additionally, if the app allows it, try disabling push notifications altogether so that no new content will appear until you manually open the app. If this isn’t an option then review which topics or stories your device is allowed to update you about – this way unwanted articles won’t fill up your notification bar either!

Finally, consider downloading an ad-blocker or another type of content filtering tool; these will help prevent intrusive ads from appearing within apps as well as blocking out irrelevant new stories before they even have a chance to reach your device. With some careful planning and adjustment of settings, you should be able to stop all those pesky news popups from taking over your phone screen!

How Do I Get Google to Stop Sending Me News Notifications?

If you’re fed up with getting notifications from Google News, there are a few things you can do to stop them. First, open the Google app on your device and tap the three-line icon in the upper left corner. Next, select “Settings” and then go to “Notifications.”

From there, untick the box for “Google News Alerts,” which will prevent any further notifications from being sent. Alternatively, if you only want certain types of news alerts turned off – such as those related to politics or business – scroll down until you find the “Categories” section and deselect whichever ones apply. Finally, make sure that all other notification settings are enabled so that you don’t miss out on important updates.

By following these steps, you should be able to get rid of unwanted news notifications quickly and easily!

How Do I Turn off Samsung News Notifications?

If you own a Samsung device, you may have noticed that it comes with its own news notifications. Unfortunately, these can quickly become annoying and intrusive if they start popping up several times per day. Luckily, turning off the Samsung News notifications is actually quite easy!

All you need to do is open the Settings app on your phone or tablet and select ‘Notifications’ from the list of options. Then scroll down until you find ‘Samsung News’ in the Applications tab and toggle the switch next to it so that it’s set to ‘Off’. That’s all there is to it – after this step, your device should no longer send any notifications about news stories.

How to disable Google News notification on Android?

Turn off Google News Feed Android 12

If you’re using an Android 12 device and want to turn off the Google News Feed, it’s easy to do so. All you need to do is simply open your Google app, tap on the three-line menu icon in the top left corner, select Settings > General > Your Feed, and toggle off the switch next to “Show feed.” This will disable all news content from appearing in your Google feed.


By following the steps outlined in this blog post, you can easily stop news alerts on your Android device. Whether you want to get rid of all notifications or just disable certain channels, Android provides several methods that allow you to customize which notifications appear on your phone. With a few taps and swipes, you’ll be able to take control of what types of news alerts are sent directly to your device.

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