How to Get Hbo Max on Roku Smart Tv?

Getting HBO Max on your Roku Smart TV is easy. First, open the Roku Home Screen and navigate to the Streaming Channels menu. Then, select Search Channels, type in “HBO Max” and press OK.

Selected Add Channel followed by Go To Channel to launch the app. Sign In with an existing account or create a new one before you can start streaming content from HBO Max on your device. You may need to upgrade your subscription if you do not have access to HBO Max yet.

Once subscribed, use the remote control or voice search commands like “HBO Movies” or “Friends” to explore all of its great content offerings!

  • Turn on the Roku Smart TV and navigate to the Home screen
  • Using your remote, select the Search option in the upper left corner of the screen
  • Enter “HBO Max” into search bar and hit enter when finished typing it out
  • Select HBO Max from list of results that appear below search bar, then click Install or Add Channel button to install HBO Max onto your Roku device
  • Once installation is complete a confirmation message will appear onscreen – select Go To Channel to launch HBO Max app on Roku Smart TV right away or Done if you want to open it later manually via Home menu or My Channels section in Settings menu (or with voice command)

Why Can’T I Get Hbo Max on My Roku Tv?

If you’re wondering why you can’t get HBO Max on your Roku TV, the answer is simple: At this time, HBO Max isn’t available on any Roku device. It’s a bit of a sore spot for many folks who have invested in the Roku platform and are now unable to access content from an increasingly popular streaming service. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be an immediate solution as negotiations between WarnerMedia and Roku have been ongoing since May 2020 without resolution.

At this point, it looks like if you want to watch HBO Max on your television, you will need to purchase additional hardware such as an AppleTV or Chromecast that supports the streaming service until both sides come together and reach an agreement. This may be frustrating news for those heavily invested in their current setup but with more streaming services popping up every day it makes sense that companies would prioritize their own platforms first and foremost before reaching out into others. Hopefully we’ll hear some good news soon about a potential deal being reached between WarnerMedia and Roku so everyone can enjoy all the great programming offered by HBO Max!

How Do I Activate Hbo Max on Roku?

Activating HBO Max on Roku is easy and only requires a few steps. First, you’ll need to make sure your device is connected to an internet connection. Once that’s done, open the Roku home screen and look for the Streaming Channels menu.

From there, scroll down until you find ‘HBO Max’ in the list of streaming services available for download. Select it and click Add Channel once prompted. Once the channel has been added, launch it from your home page or My Channels tab by selecting it from either one of those options.

You will then be asked to log in with your existing HBO Max account or create a new one if needed – enter in all required information accordingly and follow any additional prompts that may appear during this process as necessary before being able to access content within HBO Max on Roku!

Does Roku Pay for Hbo Max?

Roku is a popular streaming device that provides access to hundreds of apps and services, including HBO Max. But does Roku pay for HBO Max? The answer depends on how you’re accessing the service.

If you’re using the official HBO Max app through your Roku device, then no, you don’t have to pay anything extra—the cost of subscribing to HBO Max covers both the subscription fee and the use of the Roku device. However, if you want to watch HBO Max content through another provider like Sling TV or Amazon Prime Video Channels, then yes, you will need to purchase an additional subscription in order to be able access it on your Roku device. Additionally, if you sign up for a free trial of either Sling TV or Amazon Prime Video Channels with your Roku account, this will allow you access to their library of movies and shows at no extra cost until those trials expire.

So while it may seem like there are some extra costs associated with watching HBO Max content on your Roku device when compared with other devices such as Apple TV or Chromecast; overall there are plenty of ways available for making sure that all of your favorite shows can be watched without having to worry about any additional fees!

Why Can’T I Get Hbo Max on My Tv?

The short answer is that HBO Max isn’t available on most TVs yet. It’s a new streaming service from the company behind HBO, and it has only recently become available to stream. While some TV models are able to access the service through their own apps or built-in streaming capabilities, many of them still don’t have easy access to it yet.

HBO Max requires a subscription in order to use it on your TV, so if you haven’t subscribed yet then you won’t be able to get it running right away. However, there are other ways of accessing the service without needing a subscription – such as using an external device like an Apple TV or Amazon Fire Stick that can connect your television with the app. You can also watch HBO Max via Airplay or Chromecast on compatible devices too – check out our guide for more information about how this works and what you need in order to do this successfully.

Unfortunately, until more TVs come preloaded with support for HBO Max (or at least make it easier for users to install), getting the app onto your existing model may prove difficult unless you already have one of the aforementioned external devices hooked up already. If not then we recommend checking back regularly for updates since more manufacturers will likely add compatibility sooner rather than later – especially given its recent launch!

HBO Max on Roku FINALLY – Here's how to get it

Hbo Max, Roku Workaround

If you’re a Roku user wanting to access HBO Max, there is good news! Although the two companies have not officially partnered yet, there are now some workaround solutions available. By using an HDMI cable to connect your laptop or desktop computer to your TV device, streaming HBO Max on your larger screen is possible.

This workaround isn’t the most convenient solution but it’s the best option currently available until an official agreement between HBO and Roku is reached.


This blog post has provided a comprehensive guide to getting HBO Max on your Roku Smart TV. With the step-by-step instructions outlined, you should now have no problems adding HBO Max to your Roku Smart TV. Whether you are looking for classic titles or new releases, HBO Max is sure to provide an extensive collection of content that suits all tastes and preferences.

Enjoy streaming with ease!

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