How to Get Past Setup Wizard on Android

If you’ve ever tried to get past the setup wizard on Android, you know it can be a frustrating experience. The good news is that there are a few ways to bypass the setup wizard and get started with your device. Here’s how:

First, try restarting your device in safe mode. To do this, hold down the power button until you see the power menu. From here, select “Restart” and then hold down the volume down key while your device restarts.

You should see “Safe Mode” at the bottom of your screen once your device has booted up. From here, you can access your settings and disable any unwanted apps or features that came pre-installed on your device. If restarting in safe mode doesn’t work, you can also try factory resetting your device.

This will wipe all of the data from your device, so make sure to back up anything important before proceeding. To factory reset your device, go to “Settings” > “System” > “Reset options”. From here, select “Erase all data (factory reset)”.

Confirm this action and wait for your device to reset itself. Once it’s finished, you should be able to bypass the setup wizard and start using your device normally again.

  • Download and install the bypass tool on your computer
  • Connect your Android device to the computer using a USB cable
  • Open the bypass tool and select your device from the drop-down menu
  • Click on the “Bypass” button to start the process
  • Disconnect your device from the computer once the process is complete

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How Do I Bypass Android Setup Wizard?

Assuming you would like advice on how to bypass the Android Setup Wizard: There are a few ways that you can go about bypassing the Android Setup Wizard, depending on what your end goal is. If you simply want to skip theSetup Wizard entirely, you can do so by booting your device into Safe Mode.

To do this, press and hold the Power button until the power off menu appears. Once it does, tap and hold on Power off until the Safe Mode prompt appears. From here, select OK to boot into Safe Mode.

You’ll know you’re in Safe Mode when the text “(Safe Mode)” appears at the bottom of your screen. Once in Safe Mode, go to your device’s Settings app (the icon usually resembles a gear). From here, scroll down and tap on Accounts.

Next, tap on Add account at the bottom of this menu. From here, select Google and enter in your Gmail address and password associated with your Google account. Once done, hit Sign in.

You should now be signed in to your Google account without having gone through the Setup Wizard! If you want to factory reset your device without going through the Setup Wizard again, there’s a way to do that as well – but beware, this will delete all data stored on your device! To factory reset from Recovery mode:

1) Press and hold both Power + Volume Up for several seconds until you see anything appear on screen; 2) Use Volume keys to navigate UP/DOWN between various options; 3) To enter Recovery mode option press Power key once; 4) In recovery mode use Volume keys again to navigate UP/DOWN between various options; 5) To enter Factory Reset option press Power key once more; 6) Press YES — delete all user data by selecting this option using Power key; 7) Wait until format /data process completes — it takes only couple of seconds; 8) Now choose Reboot system now option using POWER key 9 Done!

As soon as phone reboots successfully complete initial setup wizard steps following very simple instructions shown on display.

What is Setup Wizard on My Android Phone?

If you’ve just gotten a new Android phone, you might be wondering what the “setup wizard” is. This is a built-in tool that helps you get your phone set up and ready to use. The setup wizard will walk you through a few simple steps to get your phone up and running.

First, you’ll need to choose your language and connect to a Wi-Fi network. Once those two things are done, you’ll be asked to sign in with your Google account. If you don’t have one, you can create one right from the setup wizard.

Once you’re signed in, the setup wizard will help you restore any backups from your old phone (if applicable) and then ask you to choose some basic settings for your new phone. After that, you’ll be all set!

How Do I Finish My Android Setup?

Assuming you’ve already gone through the process of setting up your Android device and are now at the final stage, there are just a few more things to do before you can start using it. Here’s a quick rundown of what needs to be done: 1. Download any remaining updates for your Android device.

These can be found in the Settings app under the “About phone” or “About tablet” section. Be sure to install all updates, as they may contain important security fixes. 2. Set up a Google account on your device.

This will allow you to access the Play Store and other Google services. If you don’t already have a Google account, you can create one during the setup process. 3. Choose your preferred language and input method(s).

You can add additional languages later if needed, but it’s best to select your primary language(s) now so that everything is properly set up from the start. 4. Connect to Wi-Fi if possible. This will allow you to download apps and update them more quickly than using mobile data (which may incur additional charges from your carrier).

If you don’t have access to Wi-Fi, don’t worry – you can still use your device without it, though some features may be disabled or unavailable until you’re able to connect later on.

How Do I Skip Pixel Setup?

If you’re interested in skipping the pixel setup process, there are a few things you can do. First, make sure that you have the latest version of the Facebook pixel installed on your site. Then, go to your Facebook Ads Manager and click on the ‘Tools’ drop-down menu.

From there, select ‘Audience Manager.’ Once you’re in the Audience Manager, click on the ‘Create New Pixel’ button and select ‘Skip Setup.’ This will take you to a new page where you can name your pixel and choose which business objective you’d like to track with it.

After that, simply follow the instructions on the screen to finish creating your pixel.

How to Get Past Setup Wizard on Android


How to Turn off Setup Wizard on Android

Assuming you would like a blog post discussing how to disable the setup wizard on an Android device: The setup wizard is a tool that helps new users get started with their Android devices. It can be helpful for those who are new to Android, but it can also be a nuisance for experienced users who just want to get started using their devices.

Thankfully, there is a way to disable the setup wizard on your Android device. Here’s how: 1. Go to your device’s Settings menu.

2. Tap on Accounts & Sync. 3. Tap on the account you want to remove the setup wizard from.4. Tap on Remove Account.5.

Confirm that you want to remove the account by tapping on Remove Account again.6. Once the account has been removed, go back to the main Settings menu and tap on Backup & Reset7 .Tap on Factory Data Reset8 .

Tap on Reset Phone9 .


The Android Setup Wizard is a screen that comes up when you first boot up a new Android device. It’s designed to help you get your device set up and ready to use. However, sometimes it can be a little annoying, especially if you just want to get started using your new phone or tablet.

Here’s how to get past the Setup Wizard on Android. First, go into the settings menu on your device. You can usually find this in the “app drawer” (the icon that looks like a grid of dots).

Once you’re in the settings menu, look for an option called ” Accounts “. Tap on this option and then select ” Add account “. Next, you’ll be asked to choose what type of account you want to add.

Select ” Google ” from the list of options. Now enter your Google account information (your email address and password). Once you’ve entered this information, tap on the ” Sign in ” button.

You may now be taken to a screen where you’re asked for some more information about your account. Just fill out the fields and tap on the ” Next ” button when you’re done. If everything goes well, you should now see a message saying that your account has been added successfully!

You can now exit out of the Settings menu and start using your device normally.