How to Use Tcl Tv Without Remote And Wifi

Tcl TVs can be used without a remote and wifi if you have an old-style analog television. To use it, connect the TV’s antenna to the back of your TV using the coaxial cable provided with your TCL TV. Then turn on your TV by pressing the power button located on its side panel or at the bottom of it.

You can then change channels manually by turning the channel selector knob or buttons located either on top or side of your TCL TV. Lastly, adjust volume by turning up/down control knob located at front or side panel depending upon make and model of your TCL tv.

  • Install the TV’s software on your computer: Before attempting to use TCL TV without remote and WiFi, you need to install the software that comes with it
  • This will allow you to control the television directly from your computer
  • Connect your PC/Laptop with the TV: After installing all of the necessary software, connect your laptop or desktop computer to the same network as your TCL TV using an Ethernet cable or wireless connection (if available)
  • You can then launch a web browser on your device and enter in its IP address into URL field of the browser window
  • Accessing Smart Hub Settings page : Once connected, you can access Smart Hub settings page by clicking on ‘Settings’ icon within TCL Home Screen menu bar located at top-right corner of display screen
  • Use arrow keys for navigating between options and select ‘Network’ option from list available under this category
  • Select “Wireless Network” option & turn off Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Now again go back & select “IP Setting” option & set manual IP Address for this device
  • Set up DTV Remote Control App: To be able to control basic functions of Tcl tv without remote , download DTV Remote Control Application which is available free at Google Play Store or Apple store depending upon type of device used by user i
  • e Android / iOS etc
  • Downloaded application should work with both wired / wireless setup so no additional installation required after downloading app As per instruction provided along side downloaded app configure it accordingly 5
  • Enjoy Your Television Without Wifi Or Remote : Finally after completing all above steps , enjoy watching movies & shows over internet without any kind interruption due unavailability wifi/remote controls

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How to Get My Tcl Roku Tv Connected to Wifi Without Remote?

If you are unable to access your TCL Roku TV’s remote and need to connect it to a WiFi network, the process can still be completed without the use of a remote. Start by pressing the Home button on the side panel of your TV or press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right if using an older model. This will bring up the Settings menu.

Navigate down to Network and select Wireless (Wi-Fi). Select Set up connection and follow the prompts until you reach Set up wireless network. Here you will be able to enter your home’s password for connecting your TCL Roku TV wirelessly!

How Do I Turn on My Tcl Tv Without a Remote And Wifi?

If you’re trying to turn on your TCL TV without a remote or WiFi, the first step is to check if there are any physical buttons located at the back of the device. Some TVs have an “on/off” button that can be used to turn it on manually. If this isn’t available, you may need to locate where the power cord goes into your TV and press down firmly for several seconds.

This should power up the device and allow you to access its menus using either a universal remote or by connecting it directly with your laptop via an HDMI cable.

How Can I Control My Tcl Tv Without Remote Or App?

If you have lost your TV remote or can’t access the app, there are still ways to control your TCL TV. Using the buttons on the back of the TV panel, you can navigate through menus and make selections as if it were a regular remote. You’ll also be able to adjust settings such as volume, channel selection and input selection with these buttons.

Additionally, some TCL models feature voice commands that allow users to control their TVs using simple phrases like “volume up” or “channel down”. This is a great way to stay in control even without a physical remote or app!

Can You Connect to Tcl Tv Without Wifi?

No, you cannot connect to a TCL TV without WiFi. To access the features available on a TCL SmartTV, including streaming services, apps and other internet-based content, an active internet connection is required. This means that in order to use your device without having a WiFi connection you will need to connect it directly with an Ethernet cable or via another wireless network such as Bluetooth.

How to Get to Settings on Tcl Tv Without Remote

If you find yourself without a remote for your Tcl TV, don’t panic! You can still access the settings menu on your device by pressing and holding the home button on the bottom right corner of your TV. From there, you’ll be able to navigate through several menus to change different settings such as audio/video preferences and parental control options.

Additionally, if you have an HDMI-CEC compatible device connected to your TV (like a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One), you may be able to use that controller as an alternative remote – simply press and hold the Home button on that controller while it is connected via HDMI in order to launch into the Settings menu.


In conclusion, using Tcl TV without a remote and wifi is not only possible but also very simple. With the help of a universal remote or an app like Sure Universal Remote, users can gain full control over their device regardless of whether they have access to wifi. Moreover, many other apps are available that can provide additional functionality to your Tcl TV if you have access to wifi.

Ultimately, with some knowledge and effort anyone can use their Tcl TV in any situation.

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