How to Use the Umbrella in Alice Madness Returns Xbox

To use the umbrella in Alice: Madness Returns for Xbox, first go to the menu and select “Umbrella.” Then, hold down the left trigger and use the right joystick to move the umbrella around. To open or close the umbrella, press the A button.

The umbrella can be used to block enemy attacks, deflect projectiles, and break glass. It can also be used to float down from high places.

  • To use the umbrella in Alice Madness Returns for Xbox, first select it from your inventory
  • To open the umbrella, press and hold the “A” button
  • While holding the “A” button, move the left analog stick up or down to control the umbrella’s angle
  • release the “A” button to close the umbrella

Alice: Madness Returns | Part 8: Umbrella Shield

How Do You Toggle Umbrella in Alice: Madness Returns?

In Alice: Madness Returns, you can toggle your umbrella by pressing the left bumper (LB) on your Xbox 360 controller. This will open or close your umbrella, depending on its current state. Keep in mind that you can only use your umbrella when it is raining; otherwise, it will be of no use to you.

Also, be sure to close your umbrella before entering any buildings or indoor areas, as umbrellas are not allowed inside.

How Do You Deflect in Alice: Madness Returns Xbox?

In Alice: Madness Returns for the Xbox, you can deflect enemy attacks by using your teapot shield. To do this, press and hold the left bumper button to raise your shield. While your shield is up, any enemy attacks will be deflected.

You can also use your shield to block enemy projectiles, such as bullets or fireballs.

Can You Play Alice: Madness Returns Xbox One?

No, you cannot play Alice: Madness Returns on Xbox One. The game is not backward compatible with the console.

Can You Play Alice Xbox One?

Yes, you can play Alice: Madness Returns on Xbox One. The game was released in 2011 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Microsoft Windows. It is also available on Steam.

How to Use the Umbrella in Alice Madness Returns Xbox


How to Open Umbrella in Alice: Madness Returns Xbox

Alice: Madness Returns is an action-adventure platform game that was released in 2011. The game follows Alice Liddell, the protagonist of the original Alice in Wonderland story, as she tries to uncover the secrets of her past and save Wonderland from a corruptive influence. One of the key gameplay mechanics in Alice: Madness Returns is the use of umbrellas.

Umbrellas can be used to deflect enemy attacks, solve puzzles, and traverse platforms. To open an umbrella in Alice: Madness Returns for Xbox, press and hold the Left Bumper button. This will cause Alice to open her umbrella and enter what is known as “Umbrella Mode.”

While in Umbrella Mode, Alice will move slower than normal but will be immune to most enemy attacks. To close the umbrella and exit Umbrella Mode, simply release the Left Bumper button.


In the game Alice Madness Returns for Xbox, Alice has to use her umbrella to solve puzzles and progress through the game. To use the umbrella, Alice must first equip it by pressing and holding down the left bumper. Once the umbrella is equipped, she can then use it to float in water, glide across gaps, and deflect enemy attacks.

The umbrella can also be used as a weapon to stun enemies and break objects. To do this, simply press the right trigger while aiming at an enemy or object.