Where are Cookies Stored on Android Phone?

Cookies are small files which store information about a user’s activity on the internet. On an Android phone, cookies are stored in the app’s cache directory. The exact location of this directory varies depending on your Android version and device manufacturer, but it is typically located in a folder named “data” within the root directory of your device or SD card.

To find it, use a file manager to navigate to /sdcard (or whatever you have set as your external storage) > data > com.* and then look for the application that stores its cookie files there. For example, if you want to view Chrome’s cookies, you would go into com.android.chrome>cache>cookies>.

Cookies are stored on an Android phone in the same way as they are stored on a desktop browser. When you access a website, small files known as cookies are saved to your device that contain information about how you interact with the site. On an Android phone, these files are typically found in the app data folder for each web browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

By accessing this folder, users can delete any unwanted cookies and manage their privacy settings for different websites.

How Do I View Cookies on My Android Phone?

Cookies are small pieces of data stored on your device that help websites remember information about you, such as your language preference or the items in your shopping cart. Knowing how to view cookies on an Android phone can be a helpful way to troubleshoot issues with websites that are not displaying properly or show outdated content. To view cookies on an Android phone, first open Chrome and tap the three-dot menu icon in the top right corner.

Then tap “Settings,” scroll down to “Advanced” and select “Site settings.” From there, choose “Cookies” and you’ll see a list of all cookie files stored on your device. You can select individual files to view more detailed information about them, such as their domain name and type of cookie (first-party or third-party).

In addition, you have options for clearing all cookie data from Chrome at once by tapping the “Clear All” button at the bottom of this page.

Where are Cookies Saved on Android?

Cookies are saved on Android devices in the same way they are stored on a computer. They are stored in an app’s data folder, which is usually located within your device’s internal storage. To find out where cookies have been saved, open up the Settings menu and select Apps or Application Manager.

Once you have found the particular app for which you want to view cookies, tap it and then scroll down to find its “Data Folder” option. This will give you a direct path to your cookie files. You can also use third-party apps such as ES File Explorer or Root Explorer to easily access all of your device’s data folders, including those belonging to different apps with their own sets of cookies.

Are Cookies Stored on Android Phone?

Yes, cookies can be stored on an Android phone. Cookies are small pieces of data from a website that your browser stores in its memory. They help websites remember you and your preferences when you return to the site, making for smoother navigation with fewer logins or other steps required each time.

Most modern browsers allow users to control their cookie settings, including whether they want to accept cookies or not. This is especially important for mobile phones since some sites may track your movements across the web if allowed. On Android devices, users can manage their cookie settings by going into their device’s browser (usually Chrome) and tapping ‘Settings’ followed by ‘Site Settings.’

Here you will find all the necessary options to adjust cookie access levels as well as delete any existing cookies that have previously been stored on your device.

How Do I Clear Cookies from My Android Phone?

If you’re an Android user, you may have noticed that your phone is starting to run slower and take longer to load webpages. This could be due to the cookies stored on your device. Cookies are small text files created by websites that store information about your browsing activity, such as which pages you visited or what items were in your shopping cart.

Over time, these cookies can accumulate and cause a slowdown on your device. Fortunately, it’s easy to clear them out so that your phone runs faster again! Here’s how: First open up the Settings app on Your Android Phone and scroll down until you find Apps & Notifications section.

Select “See All Apps” option under this heading and then tap the “Google Chrome” icon (or whichever browser app you’re using). Tap “Storage & Cache” at the bottom of this page followed by “Clear Cache.” This will delete all of the temporary data associated with Chrome including any stored cookies from websites you’ve visited recently. Finally, go back into Settings > Privacy > Clear Browsing Data for a more thorough clean-up job; select “Cookies & Site Data” here before hitting “Clear Now” button to remove all stored cookie info from both Chrome and other apps installed on device as well.

And voila – just like that, those pesky little files are cleared away so that your phone can run faster than ever!

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How to View Cookies in Chrome – Android

Viewing cookies in Chrome on an Android device is relatively straightforward. To access your cookies, open the Chrome app and tap the three dots at the top right of the screen. From there, select Settings > Site settings > Cookies.

This will display all of your stored cookies for each individual website you have visited in Chrome on that device.


This blog post has outlined the basics of where cookies are stored on an Android phone. As we have seen, this information can vary from device to device depending on the web browser and operating system in use. However, generally speaking, cookies are usually located in a user’s application data directory or internal storage under their respective browser names.

Ultimately, users should be able to find cookies by digging into their phone settings and navigating to their file manager app.

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