How to Block Texts From a Number on Android?

To block texts from a particular number on an Android device, open the Messages app and select the conversation with that number. Tap the menu icon at the top right corner of your screen. You should see options such as “People & Options” or “Details.”

Select one of these options to open up more settings for that specific conversation thread. Look for a Block option, which is typically located in “Settings” or “Advanced Settings” within this window. Once you tap this button, all future messages from that contact will be blocked and sent straight to your spam folder.

  • Step 1: Open the Message App on your Android phone
  • This will usually be represented by a speech bubble icon
  • Step 2: Select the text message from the sender you want to block
  • Step 3: Tap on the three vertical dots in the upper right-hand corner of your screen and select “Details” from the menu that appears
  • Step 4: On this page, tap on “Block & report” option located at bottom of page
  • You can also choose to report spam messages if it is relevant for you situation
  • Step 5: Confirm that you would like to block this number by selecting “OK”
  • The number has now been blocked and all future messages received will not appear in your inbox or notifications bar anymore!

Can I Block Text Messages from a Specific Number?

Yes, you can block text messages from a specific number. All major mobile carriers now offer the ability to block incoming text messages from any unwanted phone numbers. To do this, simply open your messaging app and find the option for “Blocking” or “Spam Filtering” (or something similar).

Once there, enter in the phone number that you want to block and confirm it. You will then no longer receive any text messages from that particular sender. While this method of blocking is effective for most cases, some more sophisticated senders may still be able to get through these filters by using multiple numbers or other methods.

If you’re experiencing problems with persistent spam texts coming from one particular sender, contact your wireless carrier directly as they may have additional resources available to help you keep those unsolicited messages out of your inbox.

Can You Block Text Messages Without Blocking Calls on an Android?

Yes, you can block text messages without blocking calls on an Android phone. To do this, open your Messages app and tap the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the screen to access Settings. From there, select Block numbers and then toggle on Block texts.

You’ll be able to enter any number from which you’d like to stop receiving SMS messages. Alternatively, if you know that a particular contact is sending unwanted messages, you can also go into your list of conversations with them and select Block/report spam at the top of their chat window. However, keep in mind that this will only block text messages – calls from blocked numbers may still come through depending on your settings.

If you want to block both calls and texts for a certain number or contact, it’s best to use third-party apps such as Mr Number or Call Control – these provide more comprehensive call and message blocking options than most stock messaging apps offer.

How Do I Permanently Block a Number on My Android Phone?

If you’re trying to block an unwanted caller from contacting your Android phone, there are a few simple steps you can take. To permanently block a number on most Android phones, start by opening the Phone app and tapping “More” or the three-dot icon. Then select “Settings” followed by “Call Blocking & Decline with Message” and tap “Create.”

From here, you should be able to enter any number that you want to block from calling or texting your phone. Once it’s entered in this list of blocked numbers, calls and texts from that contact will automatically be denied access through your device. You also have the option of blocking calls and messages on a per-call basis if needed – simply decline the call when it comes in and select “Block Number” afterward.

This is a great way to quickly get rid of nuisance callers without having them take up space in your Contacts list or Call Log forever!

What Happens to Blocked Texts on Android?

When you block someone on your Android device, the blocked person’s messages and calls will no longer appear in your messaging or calling app. Any previously received messages from that contact will also be removed from view. While the actual message won’t disappear from their device, they won’t be able to see it unless they are logged into another account with which they shared the conversation.

When a text is blocked by an Android user, the sender of that text will not receive any notification or indication that their message was blocked – instead, it simply won’t appear in the recipient’s messaging app. The only way for them to know their texts have been blocked is if they try sending multiple consecutive texts without getting a response back. This could indicate either that something went wrong with delivery or that their contact has blocked them completely.

How to Block Text Messages from a Certain Number on Android

How to Block Text Messages from Unknown Numbers on Android

If you’re an Android user and want to stop receiving text messages from unknown numbers, there are a few steps you can take. First, open the Messages app on your phone. Then go to Settings > Block Numbers.

Here, you’ll have the option to enter in any number that you’d like to block from sending texts or calls. You can also click “Block Unknown Senders” which will automatically block all incoming messages from anyone not in your contacts list. Once these settings are saved, no further communication should come through from that particular number.


By following the steps outlined in this blog post, you can now easily block texts from a number on your Android device. Blocking unwanted texts is an important step to take for those wanting to keep their phone free of spam and nuisance messages. Not only is it simple, but also quick and easy to do.

With this newfound knowledge, you will be able to protect yourself from any further annoyance caused by text messages coming from a certain number on your Android device.

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