How to Reset Iphone 4S Passcode?

To reset your iPhone 4S passcode, you will need to put the device into Recovery Mode. First, turn off your iPhone by holding down the Power button until “slide to power off” appears. Then press and hold the Home button while connecting it to a computer with iTunes installed.

Keep pressing the Home button until an alert message appears in iTunes saying that it has detected an iPhone in recovery mode. At this point, you can release the Home button and click “Restore” in iTunes. This will erase all data from your phone, including your passcode, so be sure to back up any important information beforehand!

Follow any on-screen instructions that appear once restoring begins and wait for it to complete before setting up a new passcode for your device.

  • Locate the Home button at the bottom of your iPhone 4S
  • Press and hold the Home button along with the Power button located on top right hand side of your device until you see a white Apple logo appear on-screen
  • After a few seconds, release both buttons and wait for your phone to boot into recovery mode, which will display an iTunes logo as well as a USB cable icon pointing towards it
  • Connect your iPhone 4S to your computer using its original sync cable and open up iTunes if it doesn’t automatically launch when connected to the device in recovery mode
  • Click ‘OK’ when prompted by iTunes asking if you’d like to restore or update your device’s software – this will erase everything stored in memory including any passcodes set on-device -and follow all further instructions provided by iTunes such as selecting backup files from iCloud/iTunes etc
  • , until completion of reset procedure is reached

How Do You Unlock My Iphone 4S If I Forgot My Password?

If you have forgotten your password for your iPhone 4s, there are several steps you can take to attempt to unlock your phone. First, if you have previously enabled the Find My iPhone feature on iCloud, then it is possible to use that service to remotely erase and reset the device back to its original factory settings. This will remove all data from the device but also allow you access once again.

Secondly, if this isn’t an option or doesn’t work then it may be possible to use an iTunes backup of the phone in order to recover a previous version of the operating system along with all of your content and settings. Once done, simply set up as new and re-enter any passwords when prompted. Thirdly, Apple Support do offer assistance over telephone or online chat so they should be able to provide further advice as well as a possible solution depending on circumstances; however this may involve having proof of ownership which could include receipts etc..

Finally, in some cases restoring via DFU Mode (Device Firmware Update) is necessary – although this requires more technical knowledge than other solutions mentioned above. All of these methods should help restore access without needing professional assistance such as visiting a local Apple Store Genius Bar employee – although this too is another possibility if none of these measures prove successful.

How Do You Unlock an Iphone If You Forgot the Passcode?

If you have forgotten the passcode of your iPhone and can’t seem to unlock it, don’t panic. There are some tried and true methods that you can use to regain access to your device. The first thing you should try is entering any four-digit or six-digit passcodes that may come to mind.

If none of those work, then you will need to reset your phone by connecting it to a computer with iTunes installed on it. Once connected, open iTunes, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button (located at the top right corner) until an Apple logo appears on the screen. Then release the button and wait for iTunes to detect your phone in recovery mode; once detected, click “Restore” from within iTunes and follow instructions as prompted until completion – this will erase all data stored on your device so make sure any data has been backed up beforehand!

After following these steps correctly, you should be able to set up a new password for accessing your iPhone again – just remember not lose it this time!

How Do I Reset My Iphone 4 Without the Password And Computer?

If you’re looking to reset your iPhone 4 without the password and computer, there are a few things you can do. First, if you have an iCloud account associated with your device, you can use Find My iPhone to remotely erase all content and settings from the device. To do this, simply log into on any web browser and select the option for Erase iPhone under All Devices.

Once done, enter your Apple ID credentials when prompted to proceed with erasing the phone’s contents. If that doesn’t work or isn’t possible due to lack of access to an iCloud account, then another option is performing a force restart by pressing both the Sleep/Wake button together with either Home button (depending on model) until it restarts itself in recovery mode. This will allow you to restore via iTunes while bypassing the passcode lock screen altogether – just make sure that iTunes is up-to-date before attempting this method as compatibility issues could arise otherwise.

Finally, if none of those options work out or don’t apply in your case then it may be necessary to bring it into an Apple Store where they can help get past whatever issue is preventing resetting of the phone without needing a computer or password at all; though keep in mind that going through this route would likely incur additional costs so be prepared for that too if needed!

How Do I Unlock My Iphone With a 4 Digit Passcode?

If you’ve forgotten your 4-digit passcode for unlocking your iPhone, don’t worry! You can easily regain access to your device without having to restore it. The process involves using the iTunes software available on either a Mac or Windows computer.

First, make sure that both iTunes and the latest version of iOS are installed and up-to-date on the computer you’re going to be using. Then connect your iPhone with a USB cable and open up iTunes if it doesn’t open automatically. Once connected, select “Backup Now” in order to backup all of your iPhone data before proceeding further.

After backing up is complete, click on “Restore iPhone” which will erase all contents from the device including its passcode lock feature. When finished restoring, disconnect the phone and press the Home button until you see an option prompt enter a new password code or fingerprint scan (if enabled). Entering a new passcode should unlock your phone allowing safe use again as normal!

How to Hard Reset an Iphone 4s/4/5/5s That Has a Passcode –

Iphone 4S Factory Reset Without Passcode

If you’ve forgotten your passcode for your iPhone 4S, you can perform a factory reset to restore the device back to its original settings. To do this, press and hold the Home button and Power button together until the Apple logo appears on screen. Once the device powers up, navigate to Settings > General > Reset and then select Erase All Content and Settings.

The phone will then reset itself without requiring any passcodes or passwords. After it is finished, you’ll be able to set up your iPhone 4S again from scratch as if it was brand new!


It is important to note that resetting the passcode on your iPhone 4S can be a tricky process, as it requires you to have access to certain information and knowledge of the device. However, with proper guidance and understanding of how Apple’s security protocols work, anyone can successfully reset their iPhone 4S passcode. With this post providing detailed steps on how to do so, you should now feel confident in taking the necessary steps for restoring access to your device.