How to Set Up My Samsung Tv to Alexa?

To set up your Samsung TV with Alexa, you’ll need an Amazon Echo device and the SmartThings app. First, make sure that both the TV and Echo are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Then open the SmartThings app on your phone or tablet.

If it’s not already installed, download it from either Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Once in the SmartThings app, select “Add Device” at the bottom of your screen and choose “TVs & Speakers.” Select “Samsung” as your brand then follow any other setup instructions given in order to link your TV to Alexa.

Then go back into the SmartThings app and tap on “My Home,” followed by “Devices”. Here you should see all of devices associated with Alexa including your Samsung TV.

  • Install the Alexa app on your phone: The first step to setting up your Samsung TV with Alexa is to install the Amazon Alexa app
  • This can be done by visiting the Google Play Store or App Store and downloading it for free
  • Sign in/Sign up for an Amazon account: Once you have downloaded the Alexa app, sign into it using your existing Amazon account or create a new one if needed
  • Link Your Samsung TV With Alexa: After signing in, open the menu from within the app and select “Settings” then “TV & Video” and choose “Link Device To Echo” followed by selecting your device manufacturer (Samsung) from there you will need to enter in any codes that appear on screen and follow instructions as directed by voice commands given by Alexa itself like enabling permissions etc
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  • Connect SmartThings App To Your Tv: After linking your TV to Echo via this method, you will now need to connect it with SmartThings application which can also be found through either Google Play store or App Store depending upon what type of mobile device you are using (Android/iOS)
  • From here select add devices -> tv -> samsung smarttv -> confirm model number & name -> next steps until finish pairing process successfully completed message appears 5
  • Test It Out!: Now that all of these steps have been completed successfully try out some basic commands like asking her about weather report, playing music etc
  • , If all goes well then congratulations! You have set up your Samsung TV with Alexa

How Do I Connect My Samsung Tv to Alexa?

Connecting your Samsung TV to Alexa is easier than ever! First, make sure that you have the latest version of both the Amazon Alexa app and your Samsung SmartTV. Then, in the Alexa app, select “Settings” from the menu bar at the bottom left.

On this page, scroll down and select “TV & Video” which will be located under “Devices”. Underneath that heading you should see a list of compatible devices with a plus sign next to them; tap on it and follow any additional on-screen instructions if required. Afterward, return to Settings > TV & Video where you should now see your Samsung TV listed as an available device for playback control; turn it on using either voice commands or through manual selection within the app itself.

Finally, once everything has been set up correctly you can enjoy all of your favorite shows by simply telling Alexa what show you would like her to play!

How Do I Connect Alexa to My Smart Tv?

If you’re wondering how to connect Alexa to your Smart TV, the process is surprisingly simple. First, make sure that both your Smart TV and Alexa device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Next, open the Alexa app on your compatible smartphone or tablet and select ‘Settings’ followed by ‘TV & Video’ from the list of options.

You will then be prompted to select a brand for your television before confirming that it is indeed connected to the same Wi-Fi network as Alexa. Once complete, simply ask Alexa (using voice commands) to turn on/off or adjust volume levels of your Smart TV depending on what type of control you would like over it through Amazon’s virtual assistant. And that’s all there is too it!

Now you can enjoy hands free entertainment with ease thanks in part to connecting Alexa with your already existing smart technology around home!

Can Alexa Turn on My Tv?

Yes, Alexa can turn on your TV. With the advent of smart home technology and voice-controlled devices, it’s now easier than ever to control all kinds of electronics with just your voice. This includes TVs.

With an Alexa-enabled device like an Amazon Echo or Fire TV Stick, you can easily ask Alexa to turn on your TV without having to use a remote control or even get off the couch! All you need is a compatible television and an internet connection. First, you’ll have to set up the device so that it is connected to your Wi-Fi network.

Once that’s done, simply say “Alexa, Turn On My TV” and watch as she powers up your screen from anywhere in the room. In addition to turning on and off your television through voice commands with Alexa, you can also access other features such as changing channels and adjusting volume levels – all hands free!

Can Alexa Change Tv Channels?

The answer to the question of whether Alexa can change TV channels is yes. With Amazon’s range of Echo devices, you can now control your TV with just your voice. By linking your compatible device with an Amazon Echo, Dot or Show, you can ask Alexa to turn on the TV and switch channels for you in a matter of seconds.

You will also be able to use commands such as “Alexa, play BBC One” or “Alexa, watch Netflix” which makes it even easier to access different streaming services without having to fiddle around with remote controls or menus. This new technology takes convenience and comfort up another level – no more juggling multiple remotes! However if your current device isn’t compatible then fear not as there are still plenty of ways that Alexa can make watching television more efficient and enjoyable – from searching for content across many sources at once (such as Freeview Play) all the way through to controlling volume levels from another room – so don’t miss out!

Control Your Samsung Smart TV with Amazon Alexa UPDATED!

Turn on Samsung Tv With Alexa

Using Alexa to control your Samsung TV is a great way to simplify your home entertainment set-up. You can easily power on and off, adjust the volume, switch channels, or even launch streaming apps directly from your voice assistant. All you need is an Amazon Echo device and a compatible Samsung Smart TV with built-in Bixby Voice support for Alexa integration.

With just a few simple commands, you’ll be able to enjoy all of your favorite content without ever having to get up from the couch!


By following these simple steps, you can easily set up your Samsung TV to Alexa. Through this setup, you will be able to access a variety of content and information using your voice. You will also be able to control the settings on your TV with ease.

With Alexa, you have all the tools necessary for convenient and easy entertainment at home.